JMO: Jan Galega Brönnimann - Moussa Cissokho – Omri Hason

World, Jazz, griot

Jan Galega Brönnimann Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone

Moussa Cissokho Kora, Vocal

Omri Hason oriental percussion, hang


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official video "al nge taa"

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Moussa Cissokho Jan Galega Brönnimann Omri Hason live in Turnov

The music of Jan Galega Brönnimann, Moussa Cissokho and Omri Hason is a reminisence of the Art of storytelling. The Trio creates a tension of traditional and modern music from Africa and Europe. The sparkling sound of the Kora (African Harp with 22 strings) meets the warm tone of the Bass Clarinet and the oriental percussion.

„Al nge taa“ is the first release of the trio. It means „let's move!“ in Mandinka, a language spoken in Gambia, Mali and Senegal. The songs are written by the three musicians and reflect their different backgrounds. Listening to    „Al nge taa“ is an unforgettable adventure thanks to its merging of different musical traditions, the band’s unique line-up and its wealth of ingenious melodies and rhythms.

Moussa Cissokho from Senegal is an exceptionally talented and skillful kora player, singer and composer. Born and raised in the famous griot family he was taught to play by his father from very early age travelling to assist in traditional ceremonies in Senegal. By the age of 13 he was choosen for the National Ballet of Senegal. He toured all over Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Moussa Cissokho now lives in Austria and works with different musicians in Africa and Europe.

Jan Galega Brönnimann was born in Cameroon, West Africa. He has been on the scene for years and known for his innovative and cutting edge collaborations. As a composer and instrumentalist he has worked with the likes of: Nils Petter Molvaer, Sidsel Endresen, Pierre Favre, Saadet Türköz, Eddie Floyd, Round Table Knights, Baba Salah, Aly Keïta and Kenny Werner. He is best known as a frontman with his own band, Brink Man Ship.

Omri Hason was born and raised in Israel. He took to drumming at the age of ten, starting on the drum kit, and later gravitating to hand-drums: the zarb, the darbuka, and the frame drum. The rich multi-cultural environment of his background nourished his first musical passions. Later, the rhythmic language of India deeply influenced his playing, as have years of study with the Iranian master drummer, Djamchid Chemirani. He has lived since 1986 in Switzerland, teaching music, and recording and performing with various jazz and world music aggregations. Omri founded the groups „Kedem Ensemble" and „Modus Quartet“ which feature musicians from several different musical cultures.


 JMO concerts 2021

March 18. Zehntscheuer Ravensburg (D) (postponed)

March 19. Achenkirch (A)  (postponed)

March 20. Obergünzburger Kulturinitiative (D) (postponed)

April 10. Humbug Basel (CH) (postponed)

May 22. Konzerte unter freiem Himmel in der Altstadt Olten (CH)

May 29. Jahrmarkt der Sinne Limburg (D) (postponed)

June 18. Osnabrück (D)

June 19. Kesselhaus Lauenau  (D)

June 24. Kulturzentrum Franzis Wetzlar (D)

June 25. Spiegelslustturm Marburg (D)

June 26. Lindencult Weilburg (D)

June 27. Gajah Celle (D) TBC

July 9. Obergünzburger Kulturinitiative  OiKOS (D)?

July 29. Open-Air-Konzert  BlueTurtle Faulensee (CH)

July 31. Open-Air-Konzert Zehntscheuer Ravensburg (D)

August 3. BeJazzSommer Bern (CH)

August 13. Kulturverein Lauterbach (D)

August 14. Mind on Fire Festival Herbstein (D)

August 15. RootsAndSprouts Leipzig (D)

August 21. Kulturzentrum Alte Polizei Schaumburg (D)

September 19. Jahrmarkt der Sinne Limburg (D) TBC

October 1. Spitalkeller Ofenburg (D)

October 2. Nürtingen (D) TBC

October 22. Kulturverein Initiative Lohninghof (A)

October 23. Sternenkeller Rüti (CH)

October 29. Kellerbistro Huttwil (CH)

October 30. Somehuus Sursee (CH)

October 31. Reformierte Kirche Rafz (CH)

November 4. Haus Eifgen, Wermelskirchen (D)

November 5. Bochumer Kulturrat (D)

November 6. Jazzclub Bamberg (D)

November 12. Schloss Reinbek Akustikfest (D)

November 12. ONE WORLD Reinstorf (D)

November 25. Jazz in Sarnen (CH)

concerts 2022

April 1. Kulturschiene Malters

concerts 2017

Februar 17  Fribourg CH

Februar 25 Hirsch-Ku Erlenbach CH

Februar 26 Atelier Hinterrüti Horgen CH

April 24  Estonia Jazzkaar Festival

April 25 Estonia Jazzkaar Festival

April 26  Estonia Jazzkaar Festival

April 28 Birstonas Kurhauz LTU

April 29 in Jurbarkas, Exhibition and Concert Hall LTU

April 30 in Zasliai, Church Valley in Zasliai LTU

May 5 KulturPunkt Flawil CH

May 6 Jazznacht Ravensburg D

May 16 Mitzpe ramon jazz club  

May 17 Shablul jazz club tel aviv

May 18 Yellow Submarine Jerusalem

May 20 Yearot Menashe Festival

May 27 Rheinfelden Multi Kulti Festival

Juni 2 Jazzclub Lindau D

Juni 27 World Music Festival Zürich CH

Juli 2 Natural Sound Openair Kiental CH

Juli 29 Worl Music Festival Graz A

August 12 Brüttelen Kunstverein

August 13 Lyssach

September 22 Kunst & Kultur Raab A

September  23. Horice v Podkrkonoší

September  24 Karlovy Vary galery

September  25 Jirkov

September  26 Ždar n/Sázavou-zámek

September  27 Kyjov jazzclub

September  28 Brno Stará pekárna

September  29 Turnov

September  30 Prague Jazz Dock

October 1 Prague Reduta

October 2 Varnsdorf

October 3 Jena Trafo D

October 19. Aulaverin Bolligen CH

October 20. Akustik in Agathen D

October 21 Kandern evangelische kirchen D

November 4 Glarus CH

November 5 Rapperswil CH

November 10 La Marotte Kultur Keller CH

November 11  Tropenhaus Wolhusen CH

November 18  Jazzclub Bamberg


past concerts:
09.06. 2016 - Sarnen Jazz in Sarnen
10.06.2016 -  Lugano el Locale
17.06.2016 -  Zürich Festspiele Rietberg Pavillion
18.06. 2016 – Vevey Fête multiculturelle
29.06.2016 – Riga Riga's Ritmi
01.07.2016 – Chur Welt Jazz Festival
08.07.2016 – Lauterbach Kulturverein E.V.
09.07.2016 – Bärbach Apfelhof
27.07.2016 – Weissenstein Uhuru Festival
02.08.2016 – Bern BeJazz Sommer
12.08.2106 – Arbon Kulturcinema
19.08. 2016 - Guggisberg das grosse Fest beim Keltenhaus
28.08.2016 – Bern Elfenau Kultursommer
10.09.2016 – Luzern Kleintheater Glücklich Festival
30.10.2016 – Brugg Dampfschiff
10.12.2016 – Solothurn Kreuz
18. 04. 2015 – PERGINE – Castello
25.08. 2015 - Lucerne Festival auf den Strassen
26.08. 2015 - Lucerne Festival auf den Strassen
27.08. 2015 - Lucerne Festival auf den Strassen
28.08. 2015 - Lucerne Festival auf den Strassen
29.08. 2015 - Lucerne Festival auf den Strassen
30.08. 2015 - Lucerne Festival auf den Strassen
26.09. 2015 - Trencin Jazz under the Castle Festival
28. 09. 2015 – TURNOV
29. 09. 2015 – ČESKÁ LÍPA
30. 09. 2015 – PRAGUE -JazzDock
01. 10. 2015 – TRUTNOV
02. 10. 2015 – morning: worshop for schools in Uherské Hradiště
02. 10. 2015 – ZNOJMO-Na věčnosti
03. 10. 2015 – UHERSKÉ HRADIŠTĚ
04. 10. 2015 – ZLÍN-Šopa
05. 10. 2015 – ČESKÁ TŘEBOVÁ
06. 10. 2015 – BRNO-Stará Pekárna
07. 10. 2015 – TŘEBÍČ
08. 10. 2015 – OSTRAVA-south
09. 10. 2015 – VALAŠSKÉ MEZIŘÍČÍ
10. 10. 2015 – NOVÉ MESTO nad Váhom (SK)
11. 10. 2015 – OPAVA-Oko
12. 10. 2015 – MOST-Library
13. 10. 2015 –  Hradec Kralove-JGGT
22.10.2015 - Cafe Alpin Bern